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Home Air Duct Cleaning
Home Air Duct Cleaning

Home Air Duct Cleaning, You may have noticed that you and anyone else in your house get the sniffles more than you normally do. The main culprit may be dirt ductwork. Ducts accumulate mould, pet dander, and other particles that can cause allergic reactions. When you start noticing health problems because of dirty ducts, it might be time to call in the experts.
How does Duct Cleaning work?
Along with regular checks and replacing the air filter, most HVAC experts will recommend that you get the ducts in your house or office cleaned. It is essential if you want to keep the HVAC system working at optimal levels. To clean the pipes, technicians rely on a wide array of tools to dislodge the particles in the tubes.
They will then follow it up with high-powered vacuums to suck out any materials in the ducts. If you decide to have the ducts cleaned, it is essential to insist on a cleaning of the whole HVAC system. You do not want to clean the pipes only to have them pumped back into the house or office by the dirty furnace.
The Benefits of Having the Ducts Cleaned
Most experts agree that clean ducts are great for better air quality. It is especially important if you have someone who suffers from allergic reactions in the home. Besides that, if you plan to bring a child into the house, it might be time to clean the ducts. You never know what kinds of allergies they have. Cleaning the pipes will ensure they live in a clean environment.

Clean Ducts and the HVAC System
Duct cleaning is also great for saving money. The dirt in the ducts finds its way to the HVAC system, which reduces its efficiency. Consequently, you may end up paying more no your electricity bill because of that.
While some minor dirt will not affect your energy bill, its accumulation over time will defiantly have an impact. In some cases, the blockage can be so severe that they block airflow. It will mean that your house is not getting the right amount of heating that you need to live comfortably.

When to Clean the Ducts
There is no definite answer on when ducts should be cleaned. However, if you have never cleaned your ducts, it is time to clean them. Some experts claim that the ducts only need to be cleaned when the situation is terrible. However, that does not seem like a wise decision.
Do not wait until everyone is coughing violently in the house for you to think of cleaning the ducts. For instance, if you have recently had a smoker living in the house, you should get the ducts cleaned. The smoke from cigarettes leaves behind dangerous chemicals that can cause serious health problems, even in low concentrations.
If you are unsure of whether your ducts need to be cleaned, you should get in touch with us. We will inspect your house’s ductwork and show you what we find. We will then advise you on whether ducts need cleaning or not.

Home Air Duct Cleaning
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Home Air Duct Cleaning
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