Average Cleaning Cost

How much Is The Average Cleaning Cost?

Average Cleaning Cost
Average Cleaning Cost

Average Cleaning Cost air ducts fee usually ranges from $263 to $472. However, this price is not fixed. Various factors determine it. When a professional comes to assess how much they will charge you, they will usually check these key areas.
The Size of the Ducts
In some homes, the ductwork can be quite extensive. Thus, it will be much longer than you would expect to find in an average house. If this is the case, the expert cleaners will have to charge you more. The reason for this is that it will take more person-hours and possibly more massive equipment to clean.
Commercial Building or Residential
The price of cleaning residential ductwork is going to be entirely different from that of ducts in a commercial building. The reason for this is that ducts in commercial buildings are quite large and extensive. A residential duct cleaning will usually cost about $25 per vent. For a commercial building, the experts will need to conduct an assessment before they can give you a quote. However, you can expect the average cost for a commercial building to come to about $40 per hour.
The Amount of Mold and Debris
If you have a lot of mould and debris in the ducts, it will undoubtedly raise the price of having your ducts cleaned. In most cases, removing mildew costs about 8 cents per square foot. It is usually on top of the initial cleaning cost. The reason for this is that getting rid of these elements takes more time and extra chemicals. In some cases, you may even be required to use a specialist if the mildew and mould are too excessive.

Difficult of Reaching the Ducts
Most air ducts in the residential system are quite standard. They are thus usually quite easy to clean. However, if your ducts are custom built, you can expect the price to be a bit higher. The reason for this is that it takes the experts more time and resources to reach them. Besides that, they may need to hire more people than usual to reach these ducts.

In commercial buildings, experts will always need to conduct an assessment. Ducts in these building are usually installed to fit the unique condition of the building. Thus, it is hard to predict how much you will be charged until an inspection has been conducted.
The Cost of Not Getting Them Cleaning
A DIY project is a great way to save money on your duct cleaning. However, it is not advisable in the case of ductwork. It will save you money for only a short while. You just do not have the equipment and expertise needed to ensure your ducts are clean enough.
If you want your ducts cleaned, always get in touch with an expert. Any amount you pay will be recouped in time with the significant energy savings for your HVAC system. Contact us today for an inspection of your ducts and learn about our low rates.


Average Cleaning Cost
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Average Cleaning Cost
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