Air Duct Cleaning Tools

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Air Duct Cleaning Tools
Air Duct Cleaning Tools

There are several , air duct cleaning tools primary reasons why you should clean your ducts. For one, clean ducts help to ensure you have good air quality in the house. Besides that, it helps to keep your HVAC system dust-free, which helps it operate more efficiently. The duct-cleaning experts at our company use many tools to ensure this happens. Some of the equipment that we use is listed below.
Access Tools
Before the technicians can start cleaning the ducts, they will need to gain access to them. They achieve these by making holes to help with efficient cleaning. The holes are of a minimum size and amount as required.
The hole is created according to the type of tool being used. For instance, most air balls will require a whole of one-inch diameter. For a rotary brush, the technicians will create a six-inch hole. They will often use small drills to create these holes. For more substantial holes, they may utilise pneumatic cutters or electric shears.
Once the cleaning is done, the small holes will be sealed with a rubber duct plug. For the large holes, technicians will use sheet metal patches that are held in place using duct tape or foil tape. Even large spots are sealed using gasket tape.
Inspection Equipment
The visual inspection is an integral part of the cleaning process. They will usually use video equipment specially adapted to inspect the ducts. Besides that, they will take videos of before and after the cleaning. It is meant to help the homeowner understand how valuable the duct cleaning process was.
Cleaning Devices
The air duct cleaning devices used to keep the ducts clean are varied with each having a unique purpose. In most cases, a nozzle or a tool will be attached to a flexible rod or cable and fed into the ducts by a technician.
One of the devices used is a rotary brush that has flexible nylon bristles. It will spin and sweep the sides of the ductwork to keep it clean. There are also brushes with soft bristles that can be used to clean insulated ducts. Besides that, blow nozzles can be inserted into the tubes to wash them.
Another device often used is an air whip. It thrashes aggressively in the ducts and loosens debris with blasts of air from the nozzle. Some of these whips have multiple tentacles to make the process much easier.
Vacuum Collection Devices
These are not the ordinary vacuum cleaners in your home. They are powerful vacuums that provide a lot of suction, needed to get rid of dirt in the ducts. Most of these vacuums are gas-powered and mounted on trucks. To use the equipment, the technician will park the truck as close to the house as possible. Other companies may also use a portable duct cleaning vacuums. These vacuums rely on electricity. They are mainly great for use in areas where truck mounted models cannot fit.
The experts at our company have the experience needed to use this equipment. Thus, you can be assured of an efficient duct cleaning. Contact us today to help you.

Air Duct Cleaning Tools
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Air Duct Cleaning Tools
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If You Looking for Air Duct Cleaning Tools Just Call Us Now: (405) 669-7782

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