Dryer Vent Cleaning Seattle

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Dryer vent Cleaning Seattle
Dryer vent Cleaning Seattle

Dryer vents are the second major cause of fires in the US. However, these fires can be prevented if the owners of the dryers keep them clean. Each year, dryer vents start about 15500 fires. It leads to about 310 injuries and an average of 10 deaths annually. There are many benefits to cleaning your dryer vents. If you are wondering whether your dryer vents need cleaning, we will also discuss the signs.Dryer vent Cleaning SeattleĀ just call us now:(405) 669-7782

Clothes Take Longer to Dry

When the dryer vent becomes clogged, the drying cycle can triple in time. You will also notice that the clothes are not completely dry even after this period. The dryer works by pushing hot moist air out of the clothes so they can dry. However, if it is clogged, that means the hot moist air will remain within the dryer, which means the clothes stay wet. Besides that, if the dryer has to run longer, that will shorten its life. The wear and tear will accumulate twice as fast as if it had been clean.

The Outside of the Dryer and Clothing are Very Hot

If you notice clothes become very hot after the end of a cycle, you may have a problem. It is also the case if you touch the side of your dryer and you feel it becoming extremely hot. It most likely means that the vent is not able to get rid of all the heat efficiently. Eventually, it could cause the heating element and the blower to wear out. A few unlucky mishaps could cause a major house fire.

When the Dryer Starts to Produce a Burning Smell

If you switch on the dryer and notice the smell of something burning, it could mean the lint has begun to be charred. The lint can build up in the drum casing, the lint trap, and even the exhaust tube. Eventually, the smoldering lint could light up and set the whole house on fire. If that happens, disconnect the dryer and invite a technician to check it. After that, invite a dryer cleaning service in Seattle.

The duct Hood flap does Not Work Properly

A visual red flag that you need to clean your dryer is if you notice that there is lint build up around the vent opening or around the dryer hose. Besides that, if the vent hood flap is not working properly, you need to clean your dryer vent. If the outer vent is not opening while the dryer is being operated, it means that airflow is restricted. The excess lint build up could eventually lead to a disastrous accident.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Seattle just call us now:(405) 669-7782

It Has Been a Year since the Vent was inspected

The dryer vent has to be inspected at least annually. This reduces the risk of fire or carbon monoxide building up in the house. When you hire a professional service for dryer vent cleaning in Seattle, you will not be charged much. Factors to be considered in the payment are the location and the length of the vent. If the outside exhaust vent is easy to reach, you should clean it yourself with a brush kit.
There are numerous online kits, which you can use to clean the vents. You will also find many videos online teaching you how to clean your system. However, you should note that this DIY videos and kits might not always help you keep your vents clean. Besides that, the process can take a lot of your time, which you could be using to do something else. When you seek the services of a professional, you are assured of a thorough job. You will also not have to sacrifice any of your time.


If you find that there are still issues after you clean the system, it could mean that you need to have a professional do it for you. Besides that, it could also mean that the entire set up was not properly installed. Have a technician come and inspect the system for you. If you have never had your system cleaned professionally, do not wait for the house fire, get in touch with us today. We are ready to help you avoid higher electricity bills and possible house fires.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Seattle just call us now:(405) 669-7782

Dryer vent Cleaning Seattle
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